Friday, June 29, 2007

Seating Charts and Ketubot

Ketubah for NYC couple getting married in St. John's December 2009 Photo taken with my cell phone camera ... Ketubah is 22x30

Ketubah created for clients in San Francisco 22x30

Seating chart created for clients getting married in NYC 22x30

Anniversary Gifts, Programs, Poetry and Vows

Table Numbers

Guest Books and Monograms

Escort Cards


This envelope was done in Citadel style to match the client's invitations.

This is an example of a very popular envelope style, hand lettered in Rook to match the invitations by Cranes.

This is one example of envelope flourishing using delicate 24K gold accents to add drama ...

A popular envelope choice in Nebraska, the "Go Big Red" state ...